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PCOASA, Professional Culling Operators Association of South Africa was established to promote and safeguard the culling industry in South Africa.

One of PCOASA’s Objectives is to promote professional culling as a recognized profession within South Africa. We believe that our members deserve recognition for the ethical practises of culling game and their much needed contribution to nature conservation.

PCOASA wants to support the rapid transformation and growth of the wildlife industry in South Africa for the years to come and therefore we adhere to a number of values, including accountability, balance and compassion for the wildlife industry.

PCOASA further wish to empower its members through the development and expansion of the sustainable utilization and protection of all natural resources in the South African game meat market industry.

PCOASA believes in meaningful participation of members and clients in order to create more permanent jobs and assist in ensuring food security for South Africa.

If you are a culling operator, Join PCOASA today and share in the benefits that the organisation offer to all members, alternatively Contact PCOASA for more information.


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