PCOASA supports the ecologically sustainable utilization, development and protection of all natural resources, Fauna and Flora for the benefit of current and future generations through the ethical culling and harvesting of game as a management tool, thus ensuring the protection of our environment for current and future generations in accordance with Section 24 of the Bill of Rights of the South African Constitution.


PCOASA Vision Statement

PCOASA wants to support the rapid transformation and growth of the wildlife industry in South Africa for the years to come based on the following values:

• Accountability

• Balance

• Compassion

• Correctness

• Courtesy

• Discipline

• Decisiveness

• Discretion

• Empathy

• Honesty

• Loyalty

• Respect

• Integrity

PCOASA wish to empower its members through the development and expansion of the sustainable utilization and protection of all natural resources in the South African game meat market industry, through meaningful participation of members and clients, we will create more permanent jobs and assist in ensuring food security.

PCOASA Aims and Objectives

• To promote and safeguard the interests and good name of PCOASA and the interests of its members;

• To promote and safeguard the culling profession in South Africa;

• To promote professional culling operators as a recognized profession;

• To promote and participate in the conservation of South Africa’s natural resources wrt Fauna and Flaura;

• To promote and facilitate sustainable culling as a conservation tool;

• To promote and facilitate the empowerment of all South Africans wishing to participate in the professional culling profession, conservation and related activities;

• To engage with the national and provincial Governments of the Republic of South Africa in all matters affecting professional culling, conservation and related activities;

• To collaborate with and assist, wherever possible and to the extent reasonably feasible, all officers of organizations and authorities tasked with the conservation of natural resources;

• To co-operate with other persons and organizations in South Africa having objectives similar to those of this Association;

• To promote and market South Africa as a leading supplier game meat on international level;

• To promote the culling industry and all industry that relate to PCOASA in order to ensure food security within South Africa;

• To co-operate with those who by business or other circumstances are connected with culling and to provide opportunities for discussion between them and members of the Association on matters of common interest;

• To promote adherence to its Code of Conduct by all PCOASA members and to sanction members who contravene its Code of Conduct or act contrary to these Aims and Objects and or other provisions of the Constitution of the Association;

• To render assistance to and serve the needs of members of the Association;

• To render assistance to and serve the needs, wherever possible and to the extent reasonably feasible, of the clientele of PCOASA members;

• To regulate or prohibit, as the case may be, the publication in the Republic of South Africa or elsewhere by members of advertisements, interviews or press releases, that may be contrary to the objects of the Association;

• To develop fellowship and cooperation among professional culling operators.

• To promote the protection of the Association, its members and their clients against rouge culling operators, misguided perceptions of sentimental believers and or institutions supplying the end user;

• To promote food safety in the industry as a whole;

• To promote and assist Department Nature Conservation in their efforts towards sustainable utilization of all natural resources Fauna and Flaura and to eradicate poaching and unlawful culling of natural resources.

Code of Conduct

Each member of PCOASA shall commit himself, upon acceptance of membership, to this Code of Conduct whereby he / she:

• shall promote and observe the Aims and Objectives of PCOASA, the provisions of the PCOASA Constitution and its By-laws;

• shall obey the national- and provincial laws, proclamations and directives of any province and or national regulations at all times while he / she operates as a professional culling operator and or during related activities;

• shall conduct him- herself in a manner which will reflect honesty, integrity and morality and shall not allow material gain to supersede such principles;

• shall respect the natural resources of the Republic of South Africa;

• shall at all times respect the rights and interests and or property of the Clients, local communities, reserves and state owned enterprises;

• shall not misrepresent him- herself, PCOASA or the industry as a whole to clients or mislead clients in any way;

• shall take every reasonable step to ensure that his / her clients receive the services contracted for and to ensure their clients satisfaction;

• shall at all times consider the welfare of all living creatures and ensure that no wounded animals are left behind after culling seized;

• shall at all times pay a client as per arrangement in due time or as arranged;

• shall not act in any manner that brings the good name of PCOASA, the industry and its members into disrepute.

• shall at all times adhere to all rules and regulations as set out and promulgated by the Department of Agriculture on provincial and national level and will adhere to all Notices as published and promulgated from time to time.

It is important that Clients ensure that they only make use of a registered and fully paid up member of PCOASA for the professional culling of his / her animals. In the event that anything happens wrt contravening the PCOASA Code of Conduct, PCOASA could assist the client to resolve the problem(s). If a client utilize a non member of PCOASA and any problem arise, PCOASA will not assist the client with resolving the matter and PCOASA will not be liable, or respond and or get involved in the matter.
Every member of the Association (PCOASA) shall be bound by the Constitution and the By-laws of the Association.

No member of the Association shall by act or omission, contravene any provisions of the Constitution or the By-laws of the Association or do anything which is calculated or likely to discredit the Association or bring it into disrepute.

No member shall breach and / or contravene any provision of The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act 108 of 1996, a National Act or Provincial Act of the Republic of South Africa or any Regulations promulgated there under, or any Provincial Ordinance, where such contravention is relevant to any of the aims and objectives of the Association.

No member shall provide any service whatsoever, whether directly or indirectly, whether for reward or not, to any person desiring or requesting the services of a professional culling operator whom the committee have declared to be undeserving of the assistance of a member of the Association. The committee shall, whenever any person has been declared to be undeserving, due to conduct as a member of PCOASA, inform every member of the Association of such declaration.

Any member whose membership is suspended or terminated due to disciplinary action shall immediately upon such suspension or termination deliver and surrender to the Association all badges, notices, publications and other insignia indicative to the public of his membership to the Association. Such member shall also forfeit to the Association all monies paid by him to the Association.

All documents is available on the PCOASA website.